On This Day in Napoleonic History – 15 April 1821

Napoleon_saintheleneNapoleon writes his will on St Helena

In his will, Napoleon stated that the duplicity of Marmont, Augereau, Talleyrand and Lafayette were to blame for the 1814 and 1815 invasions of France: ‘I forgive them. May the posterity of France forgive them as I have done.’

He also urged his son to adopt his motto: ‘Everything for the French people.’ His fortune and possessions were divided among his family, servants and former generals.

The will gave away a number of belongings that weren’t his, such as Fredreck II alarm clock that he removed from Potsdam. Not relinquishing his penchant for arranging marriages even on his death bed, he gave orders for Bessier’s son to marry Duroc’s daughter. Bracelets of his hair were to be sent to Marie Louise, Madame MΓ¨re, each of his siblings, nephews and nieces, and his son, the King of Rome.

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