Cover Reveal for Sisters of the Sky

I’m thrilled to share UK and US covers for Sisters of the Sky, out in ebook in August and paperback a couple of months later.

This book is about brave women pilots flying combat missions for the Soviet Union during World War II. As soon as I began my research into Marina Raskova’s female aviation regiments, I knew I had to write this book. This story has captured my imagination and I can’t wait to share it with the readers.

October 1941: As war rages in the Soviet Union, Nina is devastated as she watches her younger brother being sent off to the front. She has witnessed so many soldiers go to war and never return, and with her father already on the battlefield, her brother is her only family left.

Sick of feeling helpless and determined to fight for her motherland, Nina and her best friend Katya decide to volunteer for the first female-only aviation regiment, led by the legendary pilot Marina Raskova.

But fighting a war is nothing like they expected, and soon the battle lines are no longer restricted to the front – a forbidden love begins to blossom, and Nina is faced with the ultimate betrayal. Will Nina and her loved ones make it out alive?